Vinyl Disposable Gloves – 1000pcs


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Maintaining hygiene is very important in life. Gloves act as a best friend when it comes to maintenance of hygiene. Gloves play pivotal role during medical care and in handling various operations. High quality gloves are required for ensuring hygienic and healthy environment for patients as well as caregivers. Protective medical gloves are specifically used in laboratories, cleaning sector. However, at Genesis we offer gloves for incontinence care.

It does not matter what is your application, Genesis offers vinyl examination gloves of good quality. Our vinyl gloves are meant for comfort and protection. The element of protection can be never compromised. Use our gloves to protect yourself and the patients. Our website offers vinyl examination gloves to address normal, everyday medical needs.

Our gloves are designed for maximum tactile sensitivity. The high performance vinyl examination gloves offered by Genesis offer great fitting, feeling and are available in different sizes. Such accessories are very useful while handling patients of incontinence.

TYPE – Vinyl powder free, non-sterile.
MATERIAL – Polyvinyl chloride paste resin, grade: FPC DNV2P.
COLOR – Clear white.
DESIGN AND FEATURE – Ambidextrous, beaded cuff.
POWDER – No powder lubricant added.
PACKING STYLE – 100 pcs gloves x 10 dispensers x 1 carton.


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