Refrigerator Storage Box


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Style: light luxury


Product Category: Refrigerator Storage Box


Function: storage, preservation, sealing, draining


3* Household Drainable Food Storage Box


1* Stacked storage box with handle


28 refrigerator storage crisper


Name: Refrigerator Storage Box


Material: PP+PET



Fresh storage


Your storage expert


Highly transparent storage box with lid, thickened material


Handle design


Easy access to small spaces


Ergonomic arc handle, easy to pull and take


Sealed with lid


Anti-smell and keep fresh


Good sealing prevents moisture loss and keeps food fresh for longer


Free stacking


Stable and does not take up space


High-transparency material, fast retrieval, clear classification and placement


Classification and storage


Fresh and not smelly


Keep fresh at all times, isolate peculiar smell, do not smell


Free stacking


Placing stable and tilting


The top is deepened and the groove is superimposed to be stable and not easy to fall


Save space without taking up space


Dirt-resistant and easy to clean


Easy to clean


Detachable design, large-caliber cleaning is more convenient


Record retention period


Fresh and healthy eating


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