Outdoor Portable Three-Head Picnic Stove


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Product name: New windproof three-head furnace


Material: 304 stainless steel / copper


Size: 15×8.7cm (unfolded) / 9x9x10cm (storage)


Color: stainless steel


Style: folding


Load bearing: below 30kg




Windproof three-burner stove


Simple and portable high-power burner, foldable design does not take up space


Let you have a better experience


Electric ignition & valve


Simple ignition method, no need for own ignition device


Valve easily controls flame size


Electric ignition                             Fire regulating valve



Heats up fast


Three head design


Can quickly heat water and food, improve work efficiency


High power and high firepower


5800W high power


At normal altitude, 1L of water boils for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds

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Easy to carry outdoors


Folding Design


Simple folding method, easy to use,


Does not take up space





Product usage reminder:


Using the bottom of the long gas tank requires a gas tank bracket to stand up the long gas tank to ensure that the gas is fully vaporized and burned


Try not to use gas tanks. There are many impurities in household gas, which will cause the stove to block due to turbid gas.






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