Outdoor Camping Tent Lamp Hook


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Name: Multifunctional hook / lamp hanging

Size: length 26cm, small head diameter 22mm, large head diameter 3mm

Material: stainless steel + rubber sleeve


Outdoor Multifunctional Portable Light Hanging


Material: Stainless Steel, PVC Coated Safe Anti-Slip Coating

Product composition: 1 lamp hook

Color: Orange/Black

Length: 26.5cm




01. When installing the lamp hanger, place the hook as shown in the picture


02. Let the hook buckle in and pull it out


03. Rotate clockwise


04. Then just put it down and the installation is complete


When camping, it is easy to hang camping lights on poles or branches.


The two side parts with different diameters can be used according to the situation at the time.


Precautions for use

01. Any use other than this product is prohibited.

02. If you use iron brushes or sharp tools, it may scratch the product.

03. Please keep away from children when using.


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