NexGen Bedliner Advantage Plus


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Nexgen Absorbent Plus Underpads are a waterproof barrier that prevent fluids from reaching your costly bed sheets and mattresses.

These underpads are soft and comfortable and will allow you to sleep soundly throughout the night without the irritating sound of plastic interrupting your sleep.

These underpads are easy to carry and can be disposed of very easily. These are meant for single use only and should be discarded after without the risk of dirtying your hands for no reason.

Available in large size to ensure superior protection, extended coverage, and reliable absorption.

Product Features:

Nexgen Absorbent Plus Underpads are 100% waterproof which means it will not allow fluids to reach your nice mattress or designer bed sheets.
Use and throw. No need to get your hands dirty. Just pull it off once it is wet and throw it in the trash. These Underpads are not plastic or washable sheets.
Due to the tape facility on the sides, it will stay put, allowing no room for error while sitting or sleeping.
The outer lining is made up of a textile backsheet with breathable airflow technology.
Easily portable.
Can be used on any kind of seating such as wheelchairs, couches, car seats, etc. It is not just limited to beds only.
Inner material is non-woven, including wood pulp, sap, and a few other materials which absorb the fluids and keep the upper and lower layer dry and free from wetness.
350 lbs weight lifting capacity.


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