NexGen Absorbent Plus Brief


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Innovative protection that offers maximum absorbency and freedom of movement for people with moderate to heavy incontinence. The unique design features a concealed, super-absorbent core that locks in wetness while the soft, stretchy sides move with you for a comfortable, snug fit that helps keep you dry and protected all day long.

Superabsorbent polymer (SAP) core quickly locks in wetness and odor providing maximum absorbency and dryness. The breathable outer layer let’s air, heat and humidity escape while the middle layer wicks away moisture. The leak-resistant inner layer provides an uncompromising protective barrier against leaks for maximum confidence and peace of mind.

Premium Blue Core – Offers massive absorbency and wicking ability helps reduce change intervals

Breathable and Stays In Place – Refastenable tabs with frontal landing zone for full capacity and soft layers keeping skin dry and free from irritation

Soft, Stretchy Sides – Move with a comfortable, snug fit

Wetness Indicator – Yellow line that changes to color blue when it’s time to change

Stand-Up Leak Guard – Tall Leak Guards once activated will stand up to provide a secure barrier at leg openings to prevent side leaks

Extra-Wide Coverage – Extra-long protection front and rear to prevent side leaks, even for restless sleepers

Improved Sizing And Comfort – Unique right-sized briefs fit better and prevent leaks for a wider range of body shapes


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