Newborn baby quilt muslin cotton gauze bath towel baby blanket


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Product description


The cloth surface has good effect, no fluff, and has been pre-washed, soft and cost-effective!


The box is even bigger!


Product name: Double-layer gauze blanket (large lattice)


Can be cross-cut, no wash water mark. First-class product, single pack (OPP bag)


Single net weight: about 140g


Product size: 120*110cm


Using 40 large plaid cotton double gauze.


The towel can be used in all seasons, and can be used as a swaddle, blanket, bed sheet, crawling pad, diaper pad, blanket, summer air-conditioning quilt, stroller sunshade, bath towel, nursing towel, spit towel, small pillow, mother bath towel, beach towel, park Grass mats, etc., are multi-functional and useful, and are a must-have item for mothers and babies.


The fabric of this product is selected from soft and special natural mushlin fine cotton woven with scrims, which makes the whole wrapping towel very light in weight and excellent in breathability. You can use it with confidence even in hot summer. Can also be used in winter. The loose weave ensures that your baby’s body temperature adjusts to the ambient temperature, preventing overheating. Soft to the touch, it gently cares for your baby’s delicate skin. Very durable for everyday use.


There will be color difference in the picture, please refer to the actual item received!


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