Korean Style Simple Creative Shoe Rack


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Series: Door Front Shoe Rack

Product category: storage

Material: plastic

Model: X type

Specific material: PP

Pattern: none

Function: removable

Product features: simple and practical

Specifications: 2-9 layers

Style: Korean



Shoe Cabinet Protect the beauty of home

Quietly stand at the entrance to accompany you through spring, summer, autumn and winter

Large capacity is synonymous with it

bag hat shoes

The key that I always like to hide when I go out

Everything can be arranged in an orderly manner, so that the home is clean and tidy


Exclusive butler of shoes

No matter how many shoes are stored in multiple layers, it will not be messy

In line with modern aesthetics


Multi-layer storage free splicing

DIY mix


Small size and large capacity

Fits any size shoes

High-top shoes/horse J boots large size shoes are all stored

Size 47 high top shoes no pressure


Increase the height

Which pair do you want to wear?

The size of the shoes can be taken at will, and the favorite shoes are clear at a glance


Strong weighing

Robust and durable

Single grid weighs 20 catties


Take care of family health

Keep your health by your side

Selection of environmentally friendly materials, safe and non-toxic


Can be salty or sweet to add color to life

Bring color to life

Multi-color selection of personalized presentation


Arbitrary placement of corner gaps

Naturally blends into every corner

Bedroom/balcony/living room/door] is a landscape wherever you put it.





Can also be placed on top

Thickening finishing, more stable bearing capacity

Plenty of storage space at the top


Anti-collision design with rounded corners

The shape is round and concise, preventing bumps

Feel the modern home design concept


Drop baffle design

Humanized design of the top storage, three-sided baffle

Prevent items from falling


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