Kitchen Knife Household Chopping And Cutting Knife


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Product Name: ancient forging hammer bone chopping knife body material: 5cr15mov

Handle material: Leather grey wood

Blade thickness: About 3.0mm

It is applicable to the cutting and matching of chicken, duck, goose, fish bone, meat, melon, fruit, vegetables and other food materials (it is not allowed to cut pig, cow bone or frozen food materials, which need to be completely thawed before cutting)

Warm tip: all dimensions are measured manually, and the error within 1 ~ 2mm is within the normal range. Please take the real object as the standard. The blade pattern will be slightly different due to different production batches and the characteristics of forging process






The blade steel is made of 5Cr15Mov, with high hardness and good wear resistance Good toughness, easy to cut


Kitchen use

(The thickness of the blade is moderate and suitable for cutting with a variety of ingredients, meat, vegetables and fruits can be easily controlled)



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