Hand Forging And Cutting Knife Pork File Meat Cutting Knife Small And Light Household Kitchen Cutting Knife


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Product Name: forging split knife

Blade material: 4cr13mov

Handle material: Leather grey wood

Blade thickness: 2.6mm

Knife cover material: leather cover

Note: all dimensions are measured manually. The error within 1 ~ 2mm is within the normal range. Please take the real object as the standard. The blade pattern will be slightly different due to different production batches and the characteristics of forging process

Using superior technology,

High temperature quenching, manual forging

Improve the density and purity of steel and greatly improve the hardness and toughness of cutting tools




Matters needing attention

1. The tool can be cleaned with warm water, and the detergent can be used for decontamination if necessary

2. Try to avoid wiping with metal cleaning tools such as steel ball to avoid damageWear and tear; After cleaning, wipe the water dry with a clean cloth, and then put it into the knife cover

3. Do not cut bones or cut hard food materials (such as bones, dried food materials, frozen food materials, nuts with shells, etc.) cold food materials need to be completely thawed before cutting

4. Do not beat things with the blade; Do not cut food materials on hard objects (such as glass, ceramics, metal plate, stone, uneven cutting edge caused by blade collapse.)

5. In order to ensure better use effect and cut different food materials, please select tools with different functions

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