Full copper core black dual control valve spray for toilet companion


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Adjustable pressure: The body cleaning basin spray kit controls the water pressure through a press rod to meet a variety of purposes.

There are two modes to choose from: soft spray and spray mode, which can meet the different needs of your children, pets and families.

Better personal hygiene: This hand-held body wash basin can meet all your personal hygiene needs. Easy to use, more sanitary than toilet paper. The best choice for daily cleaning.

Wide application: The hand-held spray kit is also suitable for baby diaper spray, pet shower, flower spray, toilet spray, washing machine, floor cleaning, etc. After purchase, you will find all uses of this cleansing basin spray kit!

Interface size: Standard 4-point interface

Installation method: Single wall installation

Valve body material: Copper

Bidet spraying material: High-quality ABS

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