Digniwear Underwear, Pull Ups


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Light to moderate absorbency and leakage protection. Digniwear has a unique, ultra-absorbent core that can lock in moisture and odor while preventing leakage and breathable fabric from keeping skin dry and comfortable.

Designed to manage incontinence for both men and women. Supports up to 8 hours of protection with an ultra-absorbent core that locks in moisture and odor. Breathable fabric helps keep skin dry and comfortable—leakage barriers for added security.

Product Features
Secure Fit – Snug, secure fit that helps to prevent leaks.

Super Absorbent Core – Unique absorbent core can lock in moisture and odor, keeping users dry and comfortable.

Breathable Fabric – Helps to keep skin dry and prevents irritation.

Odor-Free – Control odor for freshness all day long.

Non-Slipping – Stay in place throughout the day.

Convenient And Discreet – Can be worn like regular underwear for ultimate discretion.



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